Attendee FAQ:

Q: How much does it cost to attend the conference?

A: The price to attend RFDC is $795 per person for restaurant operators (franchisor, franchisee or non-franchised restaurant owner, officer, director or employee) who register 2 or more attendees at the same time, from the same restaurant company, before the cut-off date (October 30, 2020), the price per attendee is only $695 each.  

The conference fee for attendees who do not work directly for a restaurant company as an owner, officer, director or employee, the registration fee is $1,295 per person.  After the cut-off-date the rate is $1,495 per person.

*If you are not a restaurant operator, and you are attending with an exhibiting company, please call our corporate office at 800-528-3296 to register at a discounted rate.

Q: I am a real estate broker who does site selection work for a restaurant company. Can I attend for the $795 operator rate? 

A: No. You must be an owner, officer, director or employee of a restaurant company to attend for the $795 operator rate.

Q: I am an accountant that does tax and audit work for a restaurant company. Can I attend for the $795 operator rate? 

A: No. You must be an owner, officer, director or employee of a restaurant company to attend for the $795 operator rate

Q: Who usually attends this conference?

A: Owners, operators, and executives of multi-unit restaurant companies—both franchised and independent—send representatives to RFDC each year. Attendees also include executives in finance, accounting, development, legal, real estate and franchising. Also invited are consultants, private and public equity investors, lenders, brokers, bankers, developers, accountants, attorneys and financial dealmakers who serve the restaurant industry.

Q: What time does the conference start and end?

A: Registration for the conference will open at 12:00 pm on Monday, November 9th.  The general session begins at 2:00 pm.  The conference will conclude at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, November 11th.

Q: Will I receive an attendee list?

A: Yes, you will receive a list of all the sponsors and exhibitors with contact information so you can set up appointments in advance of the conference. You’ll be able connect directly with other attendees thru the conference mobile app. 

Q: What is the best way to maximize my time at the conference?

A: We recommend you set up appointments in advance. Long-time attendees maintain an active schedule of pre-arranged appointments. They utilize the attendee list to arrange appointments with sponsors and exhibitors and the conference mobile app to reach out to make appointments with fellow attendees. We also offer the RFDCconnect service, where our staff will assist you in making appointments .

Q: Is there a one-day pass?

A: No. We do not offer a one-day pass.  The conference fee is one rate, whether you attend one day, or the entire conference.

Q: Is there a pass to get into the Finance & Development Mall?

A: No. We do not offer a discounted rate to attend the exhibit hall.  You will need to pay the full conference fee and have a name badge to get into the exhibit hall.

Q: What is the dress policy?

A: We require a minimum standard of business casual attire at all times, although it should be pointed out that many attendees wear sport coats or suits. The conference maintains a professional and business-like atmosphere and we expect our attendees to respect this. Ask yourself this question: If you were going to meet with your banker, what would you wear to the meeting?

Q: When will I receive my name badge and materials?

A: You will receive your name badge and conference materials when you check in, on-site at the conference.  We do not mail materials out before the conference.

Q. What if the conference is canceled?  Will I receive a refund?

A: If the conference is not able to host the November 9-11, 2020 event, you would receive a refund.

Q. What is the conference doing for social distancing?

A: Conference staff is working with the Wynn Hotel and the Las Vegas Convention Bureau on event standards for social distancing. Here is a link to the Wynn’s Health Plan:  https://www.visitwynn.com/documents/Wynn-Health-Plan.pdf


Exhibitor FAQ:

Q: Who exhibits?

A: Restaurant lenders, investors, real estate developers, law firms, financial service companies, technology providers and franchisors.

Q: How much does it cost to exhibit?

A: Please contact Mary Jo Larson:  800-528-3296

Q: Can I sign up online for an exhibit booth?

A: Please contact Mary Jo Larson:  800-528-3296

Q: Do you have sponsorships available?

A: Please contact Mary Jo Larson:  800-528-3296

Q: I have a sponsorship/booth, how do I register?

A: A registration link will be provided to the person coordinating your exhibit experience, please contact that person or Abbi Nawrocki at abbi@franchisetimes.com for more details. 

Q: When will I get my exhibit packet?

A: We use Freeman Decorating and you should receive information from them about 8 weeks prior to the conference.  You’ll be able to order all of your display items directly from them on-line.