May 2018

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Four Corner’s Bill Lenehan: An Appetite to Acquire Restaurants

Bill Lenehan is CEO of that new REIT entity—Four Corners Property Trust (NYSE-FCPT) – and he is helping other restaurant chains and individual franchise operators by acquiring their properties and then leasing them back via long-term net leases.


Shake Shack (SHAK) Reports First Quarter 2018—Stock up 25%—What’s Going On?

36% of the stock float was sold short, so the numbers came through “adequately”, and the stock didn’t go down, so the short-term traders panicked, covered their positions and drove the stock higher.


Roger Lipton: Restaurant Brands International (QSR) – A Great Number of Moving Parts, Financial, Legal, Operationally in the First Quarter

QSR reported their first quarter results on April 25th, including eagerly awaited commentary regarding the important relationship with their Tim Horton franchisees.


Sandra McCraren: Celebrating 30+ Years in Finance

Sandra McCraren will be the first to admit that when she started her career in restaurant financing nearly 30 years ago, she definitely had luck on her side. She went to work for a bank that was in the very early stages of helping form what is now the national lending program for McDonald’s franchisees.