January 2018

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At 50, Roy Rogers Updating to ‘Version 3.0’

Only a handful of restaurant brands have been around for 50 years. But Roy Rogers has been slinging burgers and fried chicken since 1968.


Delivery, Capital Allocation Big Themes From ICR Day Two

Some of the largest public restaurant brands had a lot to say on the second day of the ICR Conference.


Fresh Ruby Tuesday CEO Searching for Brand’s ‘New Voice’

New CEO Ray Blanchette has a big task ahead of him as he looks to put Ruby Tuesday on a new course toward growth.


Three Themes from ICR Day One

Much of the public restaurant industry gathered in Orlando for the 2018 ICR Conference to catch up in the New Year.


Roger Lipton: Zoe's 'Admirable' but Stock Is Overpriced

Even with ZOES down more than 65% from its historical high, investors still have an unusually long wait before the fundamentals catch up with the current stock price.


The Blessing of the Minimum Wage Fallacy

University of Michigan-Flint economics professor Mark Perry explains the impact of the minimum wage increases (18 of them) that took place on January 1 in one simple lesson on the American Enterprise Institute’s Carpe Diem blog.